15 Essentials to a Luxury Kitchen

One cannot design around sub-par materials because true luxury does not exist without quality, and that cannot be disguised. Our bodies sense it. The nervous system trips alarms and we feel there's something disingenuous about the materials around us.

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Ranges for Every Kitchen

The following slideshow looks at the many available features and styles available for ranges. You'll learn about ranges with gas heat or electric heat; traditional burners or extras like griddles; a typical oven cavity or a double oven range.

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Cabinet Finishes

Natural wood doesn't mean you're purchasing cabinets that are entirely in the nude. To protect the wood from dirt and grease and maintain the look of unfinished wood, a transparent topcoat must be added.

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Family Kitchens

No mom ever poured pancake batter in the shape of a snowman for herself. Kitchens are meant to be kid-filled. Whether you're a grandparent, rearing a gaggle of little ones, or think you might want to one day, it's important to consider the kid-factor.

Storage Solutions

Whether dealing with your cabinets, drawers or pantry, there never seems to be enough space in the kitchen. But with the right organization accessories,

Backsplash Tips & Trends

Thinking about adding a backsplash to boost your kitchen’s style? Before you do, read what five experts have to say about creating kitchen backsplashes.

Bold & Beautiful Kitchens

In English that translates to "fortune favors the bold." In kitchens, bold design can lead to beautiful spaces. Whether a bold kitchen translates to monetary fortune is debatable,

Clever Islands

Thanks to mixed materials, ingenious accessories and undercounter appliances, kitchen islands have become visual focal points that serve as both workspace and gathering place.

Colorful Kitchens

We've got designers' newest takes on the simplicity of a white kitchen, the shimmer of stainless steel, the warmth of earth tones and the energy of primary colors.

Fun with Flooring

Although flooring by nature exists to be stepped upon, floors can and should do more than be durable. Whether wood, laminate, tile or stone is your material of choice,


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