Backsplash Tips & Trends

Which backsplash tile materials and patterns are extremely "of the moment"? Are there any backsplashes that are starting to look dated?

Thinking about adding a backsplash to boost your kitchen’s style? Before you do, read what five experts have to say about creating kitchen backsplashes. Our experts discuss everything from backsplash trends to creating a great backsplash on a budget.

Lori Carroll, Interior Designer:

Probably the most popular choices today are travertine, slate or granite in a variety of forms. Randomly or as a border, I also use wood and metal accent tiles to add even more dimension to a backsplash. Color, more than actual material, probably makes a kitchen look dated. Neutrals or even vivid colors are decidedly more appealing than "pretty" pastel shades of the past.

Lisa Elkins, Architect:

Glass has been popular now for a little while, but it's really beautiful, so I think it's going to be popular for a long time.

Anna Marie Fanelli, Showroom Owner:

The hottest backsplash material is glass! In any format: sticks, mosaics, 4-inch x 12-inch, 12-inch x 12-inch, and let's not forget custom glass patterns. In addition, stone is always popular, especially water-jet borders and patterned formats. The tumbled distressed stones seem to be less popular.

Lori Kirk-Rolley, Tile Industry Professional:

Basic tumbled stone backsplashes without decorative elements have lost popularity, but adding a decorative element or other types of tile into the backsplash design, in addition to the tumbled stone, can make a beautiful yet timeless backsplash.


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