Bold & Beautiful Kitchens

Bold & Beautiful Introduction

In English that translates to "fortune favors the bold." In kitchens, bold design can lead to beautiful spaces. Whether a bold kitchen translates to monetary fortune is debatable, but a unique space designed to reflect your personal tastes can certainly enrich your life. With that in mind, we salute the following 17 bold and beautiful kitchens. Each has a look that doesn't conform to the norm; each has a style that befits the homeowners. We also added one fantasy kitchen that hasn't been built, but it comes from a bold design dream. So go forward and be inspired. Then start making plans for your own bold and beautiful kitchen.

Curvy Island Kitchen

Design Notes: It's the fish tank built into the backsplash behind the sink that pushes this kitchen into the "MTV Cribs" stratosphere, but the bespoke island is the room's captivating centerpiece. Finished with a wenge veneer, the curved island has opal glass backlit by color-changing LEDs that provide mood lighting for the room. The custom white cabinets and drawers around the perimeter match the white Corian countertops and also act as a foil to the aquarium's electric blue color. To transition easily from workspace to entertaining space, the kitchen has an "in-use" and "stand-by" mode (shown above). When in stand-by, the downdraft ventilation-made by Gutmann-retracts into the kitchen island and white cabinet doors conceal the shelving on both sides of the refrigerator.

Curvy Island Kitchen - Fish Tank Backsplash

Design Notes: This zoomed-in angle shows the deep blue water of the fish-tank backsplash, a colorful contrast to the minimal white cabinets and counter.

Epic View Kitchen

Design Notes: With unobstructed views of the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, it's hard to imagine the inhabitants of this kitchen ever concentrating on cooking. The room's sliding glass doors unveil a 32-foot-wide opening and a panoramic view to the outdoors. Beautiful planks of cedar wood line the kitchen's ceiling, and wood slabs from a fallen walnut tree make up the rustic, 18-foot-long island countertop. Red cabinets, made from low-formaldehyde MDF, give the space a splash of color. The entire residence is home to a family of eight and is set on a 20-acre plot of land in Aptos, Calif.

Epic View Kitchen - Reclaimed Walnut Countertop

Design Notes: The highlight of this rustic kitchen (besides the fantastic view): an18-foot long countertop made from a slab of reclaimed walnut.

Epic View Kitchen - Red Cabinets

Design Notes: While most of this kitchen features rustic elements, it does have a touch of moden décor via frameless red cabinets with minimal slab doors.

Green and Lean Kitchen

Design Notes: The clients who commissioned this kitchen wanted to make sure it allowed for a spectacular view of the verdant Santa Monica mountain range. At the same time they didn't want it to have a color scheme that shirked from the vibrant colors outside. The result is this vivid green kitchen with massive windows that look out to the mountainside. The room features high-pressure laminate cabinets, a solid surface countertop and a stained concrete floor. This kitchen is set in a modest-size California home-about 1,500 square feet-and according to designer Bruce Bolander "[the kitchen] really anchors the space." Even though it's somewhat small in stature, by having a wall of windows and a sliding door to the outside, the kitchen feels larger than it is.

Green and Lean Kitchen - Dining Room

Design Notes: While this kitchen's color is as green as the plant life that surrounds the house, the living and dining rooms of this mountain home feature a muted color scheme and modern décor.

Grand Entrance Kitchen

Design Notes: Initially, this kitchen remodel was supposed to be just a touch-up and not a complete makeover--not that the client has any complaints about the end result. The playful, attention-grabbing wall colors were inspired by an orange TurboChef oven that the homeowner wanted to include in her kitchen. As the entire room got a facelift, it went from a U-shaped kitchen to a multi-zone kitchen, including the two-tiered island with 9-foot-long glass bartop. High-gloss cherry cabinets by Irpinia Kitchens add some extra glam, but the real star of the room is the archway. The columns are covered in custom-cut slate tile and topped off by bright blue stucco arcs. It's the perfect grand entranceway for making grand entrances.

Grand Entrance Kitchen - Glass Countertop

Designer Notes: This kitchen's unique island has a 9-foot long custom glass countertop.


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