12 Storage Solutions


Whether dealing with your cabinets, drawers or pantry, there never seems to be enough space in the kitchen. But with the right organization accessories, you'll find extra storage space you need. Check out these products designed with easy organization in mind.

Wall Organizers

There's no need to hide all of your stuff behind cabinet doors. If you have the organization you love, you can flaunt it too. The onWall organizer from SieMatic provides space to store your kitchen utensils while also providing aesthetic appeal. Whether you're stashing your spices, cutting board or cleaning utensils, or even displaying a plant or vase, the onWall system comes with a variety of accessories to fit your needs. SieMatic

Stemware Holder

If you're without a china cabinet for displaying your stemware, there's still no reason not to store them safely. This in-cabinet stemware holder made by Rev-a-Shelf for Armstrong makes use of your cabinets by making use of the unused upper part of the cabinet box. The 11-inch-deep stemware holder comes in satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, chrome and brass finishes and in both a single-row or four-row design. Rev-a-Shelf for Armstrong

Built-in Ironing Board

A discrete design makes this pull-out ironing board perfect for tucking out of sight. Slipped under a countertop or just above your washer or dryer, the Asko HiddenHelper pull-out ironing board makes it easy to press out wrinkles in your favorite blouse or slacks. Once finished, the board collapses and slides back under the counter or between your washer and dryer, eliminating the storage hassle of a freestanding ironing board. Asko

Waste Bin Pull-Out

While storing your waste receptacle under your countertop might be a no-brainer, the difficulty of opening your cabinet doors while balancing an arm's load of trash can prove to be a mess. Fortunately, with the Blum SERVO-DRIVE waste bin system, your kitchen benefits from handy waste storage while keeping things simple with the unique SERVO-DRIVE drawer opening system. With a simple touch of the drawer front, this waste cabinet opens so you can dump your trash even if your arms are full. Blum

Backsplash Accessories

Accessories on backsplashes, such as the 9-inch shelf over this Electrolux Icon Professional range-help keep everything you need for cooking close at hand while keeping things orderly. A potfiller over the cooktop does it part to make life easier by eliminating the chore of hauling heavy pots and pans from the sink to the range. Electrolux

Wine Storage Cabinet

While it's nice to have a handy place to tuck away a few cabernets or pinots, finding a new and interesting way to display a wine collection is equally important to the seasoned oenophile. This four-cornered storage unit from KraftMaid allows for easy access and an aesthetic touch to storing wine bottles. Whether installed as a wall of units or placed singly under a countertop, this wine organization accessory offers a unique stylish storage option. KraftMaid

Adjustable Pantry System

As seasons turn and families grow, pantry needs change too. Whether you want to make snacks more accessible for the kids or find the holiday linens, the freedomRail from Schulte Storage helps you transform your pantry to make access convenient and organization easy. Each component on the freedomRail pantry system easily moves up and down, left and right, without the need for tools. Accessories like wine cubbies, baskets for dry goods, apron hooks and bookends for cookbooks make any space easily organized and customizable. Schulte Storage

Pull-Out Pantry Rack

With its multiple storage racks and sleek design, this pull-out pantry offers up plenty of space for cereal, soup and more. The pantry's mechanized pull-out system also helps the unit close smoothly and safely. The rack automatically slides shut for the last 2 inches, protecting fingers from pinching and ensuring no banging doors. Sidelines

Under-Sink Storage

In under-sink cabinets, the sink base and pesky plumbing get in the way of easy storage. Instead of dumping your cleaning supplies haphazardly, try these wraparound basket drawers from Sidelines. The U-shaped baskets curve around sink bases, pipes, valves and more, while still offering up plenty of usable, organized space. Sidelines

Cabinet Organizing Drawer

When it comes to sorting out your cabinets, organizers like this drawer from simplehuman lay a foundation for storage sanity. Available in three different sizes-9, 14 and 20-inch widths, each model comes with a pre-welded ball bearing track and hardware for easy installation vertically or horizontally. A removable plastic drip guard protects cabinet interiors from spills and leaks. The 14-inch unit shown above includes a removable storage caddy to allow for items to be easily toted. simplehuman

Range Hood Storage

Created by designer Fu-Tung Cheng, the Cache hood from Zephyr features a spacious storage compartment that hides behind the hood's front panel. Besides space for herbs, spices and other cooking needs, the hood also includes a utensil rail for hanging spoons and spatulas. With a hand-burnished stainless steel finish, the Cache hood is available in 30-, 36- and 48-inch widths. Zephyr

Cookware Organizer

With its two independent operating shelves and adjustable dividers, this cookware organizer from Rev-a-Shelf accommodates everything from the saucepan lid to the oversized wok. Designed for base cabinets, the ball-bearing slides and chrome-plated wire frame can accommodate up to 100 pounds of heavy-duty pots and pans. Rev-a-Shelf


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